About the Projekt West-Afrika association

The Projekt West-Afrika was created since 1999. It originated from the idea of ​​some medical students of the University of Marburg. Since the year 2005, we are a non-profit registered association under the number VR 2242 at the District Court Marburg an der Lahn.

Project West Africa eV offers not only scientific and cultural exchange between students from 5 West African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger and Togo) and Germany (esp. Marburg), but also provides humanitarian relief supplies in medical departments, as well as training facilities , Every year since 1998/99, it offers students the opportunity to carry out the nursing training, the practical training as well as a practicle year and other practical courses in West Africa during the holidays.

In 2006, we started implementing our plans with the construction of a children's home and a health center on a club owned property. In addition, we plan to promote the education of women, disabled and orphans and people with disabilities locally. Similarly, the development of traditional medicine should be promoted and increased education against, malaria, AIDS / HIV operated.

Another Aim should be to reduce pollution in order to prevent further infectious diseases as a preventative measure. In the long term, we want to facilitate a cultural rapprochement through the exchange between medical students from West Africa and Germany. In addition to our practical medical experience, our focus is on getting to know each other's study structures and job prospects.